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Don't Dress for Dinner

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Produced by Antoinette Ward
Performance dates: Mon 22, Tue 23, Wed 24 March 2004





Tim Cartmell

Set Design

Joyce Woodcock


Louise Rickerby

Set Construction

Jim Fleming
Joyce Woodcock
Richard Woodcock


Bob Whitson


Michael Stockdale


Karen Atkinson

Makeup and
hair design

Barbara Mitchell
Rachel Bonnington


Jennifer Collard


Roberta Bowen
and members of the cast


Ken Woolfenden

Sound effects

Charlotte Binks
Andrew Ward




Clair Hurst
Pat Shaw




Anne Cartmell



Front of House

Veronica Stockdale
Jan Kirk




Annabel Coulthard
Robin Ward




Anne Parry



The play opens with Bernard hurrying his wife Jacqueline off to stay with her mother for the weekend so that he can have his mistress Suzanne to stay for the weekend.  His old friend Robert who lives in Hong Kong is in France for a visit and Bernard has also asked him to stay.  Unknown to Bernard, Robert and Jacqueline have been also having an affair.  When she hears that Robert is coming for the weekend she makes an excuse and decides not to go to her mothers.  Bernard has organised a cook for the evening as Jacqueline was going to be away and he was going to have a smart dinner with his mistress and best friend.  When Jacqueline decides to stay they leave the arrangements in place to have the cook who is only coming to do the cooking, serving and washing up, not the shopping.

 Robert arrives and is welcomed by Jacqueline and Bernard.

 Bernard decides that he will persuade Robert to say that Suzanne is his mistress and Bernard and Jacqueline go shopping for the dinner leaving Robert with instructions to get to know Suzanne when she arrives.  Unfortunately it is the cook Suzette that arrives in their absence and as Robert doesnít know Suzanne from Suzette, he assumes Suzette must be Suzanne the mistress.  A lot of confusing conversation goes on and he persuades Suzette (the cook) to act as his mistress for the evening.

 A lot of confusion occurs when Beranrd and Jacqueline return with the shopping as of course Jacqueline does not like Robert having a mistress other than her.



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