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Peter Pan
The Play by James Barrie

Produced by: Joyce Woodcock and assisted by Antoinette Ward
Performance Dates: Mon 16, Tues 17, Wed 18 January 2006

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The Darling Household Prompt Anne Hannam
Nana (The Nurse) Jessica Doherty Props Pat Shaw
Michael Darling Jonathon Hird   Beverly Noble
Mrs Darling Alice Hallewell Crocodile Ali McCaw
John Darling Stewart Hird   Beverly Noble
Wendy Catherine Holdsworth   Emma Armstrong
Mr Darling Mathew Crouch   Rosie Robson
Lisa Emma Armstrong   Susan Pattinson
The Lost Boys Lighting and Effects Michael Stockdale
Peter Pan Josh Hodkinson   David Townsend
Tootles Mathew Horne Choreography Ken & Pauline Wolfenden
Slightly Arthur Spencer Costumes Rachel Cosgrove
Nibs Conor Merone   Roberta Bowen
1st twin Andrew Bell   Penny Bird
2nd twin Stewart Coulthard   Antoinette Ward
The Pirates

Make up

Barbara Mitchell

Captain Hook Rosalyn Hallewell   Emma Coghlan
Smee/Cecco Shea Grant Sound and effects Andrew Ward
Starkey Polly Lear   David Ward
Mullins Amy Hodkinson Music Reverb
Noodles Susan Pattinson Set Design Joyce Woodcock
Cookson Sarah Bainbridge Set Construction and Painting David Beale
Jukes Mathew Crouch   David Turton
The Red Indians   Richard Woodcock
Tiger Lily Miriam Johnson   Anne Little
Panther Bethany Pearson   Julie Coghlan
Other Indians Maisie Lear   Emma Coghlan
  Rosie Robson Stage Management Richard Woodcock
  Ellen Regan   David Beale
The Crocodile Beverly Noble   Bob Whitson
  Emma Armstrong   Chris Hannam
  Maddy Hallewell Secetary Anne Cartmell
  Jessica Doherty Refreshments Anne Parry

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