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Country Voices

by Stewart Howson

Produced and Choreographed by Ken Woolfenden

Performance Dates: Mon 24, Tues 25, Wed 26 April 2006

Music by the Reunion Band




Bob Whitson Father Ken Woolfenden Thoddy (Farmhand at Hiring)
  Bob (Farmhand at Hiring)   Watch seller
  Policeman   Farmer
  The Pig   Sid (Farm worker)
  Bert (Old farmhand)   Doctor
  Hoystein (Irish farmhand)   Gentleman rambler
  Turkish Knight in Mummers play   Captain
  Violet's employer   Cockney soldier
  A statue at 'The Hall'   Butler
  The Major   Ploughman
  Old Gardener   Undertaker
Jennifer Collard Mother Richard Woodcock Ted
  Farmhand at Hiring   'The Betsy' in the Mummers play
  Woman against 'The Hiring's'   Cook
  Doctor in Mummers Play   A statue at 'The Hall'
  Violets employer   'Precious' the monkey
  Dordie (a ploughboy)   Badger (a horse)
Claire Hurst Violet Pauline Woolfenden Betty (Woman at Hiring)
  Farmhand at Hiring   Policeman
  St George in Mummers play   Gladys
      Enid (a 'Between' maid)
      Rosie (a horse)

The Reunion Band

Peter Crofts Violin Ian Dunmur Melodeon
Christine Crofts Guitar Ailsa Dunmar Percussion


Set design Ken Woolfenden Costume Rachel Cosgrove, Anne Cartmell
Set construction David Beale, Richard Woodcock Make-up and hair Barbara Mitchell
Set painting Joyce Woodcock, Pauline Woolfenden Props and Stage manager Pat Shaw
Lighting Michael Stockdale Prompt Anne Cartmell
Refreshments Anne Parry    

'Country Voices' was commissioned and first produced by York Theatre Royal and further developed and toured by NTC Touring Theatre.

Copyright Caldbeck Players 2006 E&OE